Key personnel

Our team hone a wealth of experience in civil engineering, landscape architecture, surveying, and subdivision management. We’ve been in it together from the very beginning, the bones of Developed are built on the perseverance and passion we share as a team – we’re not one without the other.

Anson Zhang
Managing Director I Development Manager

If good things take time, then Anson’s journey into civil engineering is a testament to that statement. An Otago university graduate, Anson completed his Masters in Commerce before realising the engineering industry was firmly attuned to his passions, skillset and deliverables – so he switched trading for surveying. After completing his degree in civil engineering, he worked as a subdivision manager, land surveyor, and civil engineer before teaming up with Michael and David to form Developed. His wealth of knowledge, exceptional problem solving abilities and effective communication skills, befit his role as sales manager and project manager across all stages of Developed’s projects

David Miller
Director | Design Manager

A career in civil engineering was a given for David. Maths and physics a strong point and problem-solving second nature. Graduating from Auckland University with a Civil Engineering degree, he honed his skills working as a civil consultant and also gained experience undertaking review work for Auckland Council before joining forces with Michael and Anson to pioneer Developed. He leads Developed’s design team, ensuring all areas of the business are in sync and operating smoothly. David’s attention to detail, people-skills and hardworking capabilities keep Developed running like a well-oiled machine.

Michael Rogers
Director I Construction Manager

Leading the charge in civil engineering and land development is Michael’s focus – and he brings a wealth of expertise to his role as construction manager for Developed. His background as both a Civil Engineer and Carpenter – coupled with management studies – have provided him with hands-on experience and knowledge, and gifted a strong grasp on all facets of the design, development and building process. As Developed’s construction manager, Michael is onsite managing projects and consulting with clients on the daily. First-hand experience working on Developed’s own land development projects as a client, not a consultant, has afforded Michael even greater appreciation for all aspects of the development journey – an industry he’s proud to work in, not just on.

Let’s build together

Land development requires hands-on guidance and advice throughout the duration of the project, our construction monitoring consultants provide the expertise to ensure every project exceeds expectations. Reach out to our team here.