No matter the size or scale of the project our team of licensed surveyors turn a hand to all surveying works across Auckland. With years of specialist expertise tucked under our belts, and engagement of the latest surveying technologies, our projects span all sizes, shapes and forms, from unit title property subdivisions, to developments of high-rise proportions, we provide expertise and guidance on all aspects of land surveying and subdivisions, and ensure we deliver an all-inclusive cost-effective development process, so our clients are assured of progress and milestones beginning to end.

We specialise in

Topographical surveys

Subdivision scheme plans

Setout surveys

As-built surveys

Land Transfer surveys

Boundary surveys

Our projects

We’re a one-stop-shop for all your surveying requirements – our project library is rich in diversity, here are a few key examples.

Let us do the surveying

We’re both experienced and enthusiastic when it comes to surveying – so let us map out your land development project, reach out to our team here.