Construction Monitoring

Construction monitoring is an essential activity in any land development project. Monitoring procedures once construction begins, means all aspects of the project maintain pace, errors are reduced and collaboration between our own engineers, contractors, Auckland Council and Watercare stay on track. Our solutions-focused construction monitoring team stay responsive, inspecting, and communicating with all project parties to ensure civil infrastructure meets regulatory and design requirements safely and compliantly, progress milestones are met, construction techniques befit design effectiveness and any design deviations or technical issues are managed effectively.

Our construction monitoring roles include

Monitoring site works

Inspecting built infrastructure

Provide remedial instructions

Verifying completion of works as per plans

Verifying materials

Collaborating with contractors, councils and administrators

Providing construction monitoring reports

Providing producer statements

Prepare and sign off documentation for Auckland Council/Watercare

Our projects

Embarking on any engineering project requires dedication from all parties involved to ensure all construction requirements and design intent are met. We bring the expertise, communication and collaboration capabilities to fulfil the brief, here are a few of our projects.

Let’s build together

Land development requires hands-on guidance and advice throughout the duration of the project, our construction monitoring consultants provide the expertise to ensure every project exceeds expectations. Reach out to our team here.