About Us

Why we do what we do

The future of civil engineering and land development isn’t scribbled on paper – it’s delivered with difference. As a growing team of engineering and land development change-makers for the public and private sectors, we know just how important grounding knowledge, problem-solving skillset and technology (focused) solutions are to our industry. As a group, we’ve done the hard yards and heavy lifting – honing our skills while working across a range of multidisciplinary consultancies,  and navigating our own development projects along the way. Developed is the product of our ongoing commitment and dedication to the land development industry  – and we are proud to serve.

Every project has a backstory

Every team member is an essential cog in our wheel – civil engineers, surveyors, landscape architects and construction managers. Our journey as freshmen into the development landscape began in the early 2000s. Our range of skills were brought together  to fulfil a gap in the land development marketplace – to deliver civil engineering, land development and subdivision solutions to clients Auckland-wide in the most progressive, efficient and advantageous way possible.

We don’t just do what we do – we do it well

Our leading edge is the ability to combine both knowledge, hands-on experience and engagement of the latest technologies, software and systems to deliver robust solutions to architects, planners, developers, builders and individuals – now and into the future. We stay invested in our people and embrace big, small and in-between challenges: from negotiating designs and building infrastructure that address major global issues – like urbanisation and population growth, to surveying works for single lots or multi-level apartments, to engineering drawings for private developments and public infrastructure, to construction monitoring and supervision for large-scale subdivisions. Our repertoire of projects – for clients and ourselves – and years spent planning, designing and in syncing with councils and contractors, is extensive. We appreciate and understand the need to operate with accuracy, open communication and an open mind.

Come join our team

We’ve got land and people in focus – and we welcome team members who share the same passion and pride for our industry. Keen to join us, reach out here – let’s develop some conversation.